Long forgotten are the days where you would find Dwarves under the rocks of the mountains; now they are found running free on the Plains of Hanrock. Forgotten are the days where you constantly hear the ring  of the hammer on the anvil; now herds of horses are their pride and joy. No longer do you hear songs and prayers to the gods; the elements of the world are now revered and praised.

During the war between the gods, and then even between the Daemons, the mountains were untouched and the Dwarves were more than happy to take in refugees from other races. Untouched that is until the Apocalypse. When the meteor hit the world, whole mountain ranges collapsed in upon themselves, including the one sheltering the great Dwarven Kingdom of Calazar. Hundreds of thousands were lost as Dwarven cities caved in and buried all who couldn't flee. The ones that fled ended up on the Plains of Hanrock. While others raced away from the mountain ranges, the Dwarves stayed close in hopes that more of their kind would emerge. 

A few years passed and those that had escaped were hard for survival. The Dwarves did not know how to survive the harshness of the plains, and feared going back into mountains for what if they collapsed once more. Many had given up; until a wandering tribe of Half-Orcs happened to pass by, and offered to show them the ways of the elements. While some held hope that the gods would come back and save them from this "hell", more were angered that the gods had destroyed their homes in the first place. After days of arguing, the dwarves took the Half-Orcs offer. They turned their backs on the mountains; heading deeper into the heart of the plains.

Over the next couple decades Dwarves lived in peace among the Half-Orcs. They took to the elemental ways with a fever, and soon a few even rivaled the High Shamans of the Half-Orcs. It wasn't until the fourth decade that any friction came upon the Dwarves.

Since the beginning Dwarves have infused their magic into the metals that they worked. This urge to make meld their magic better began to frustrate many; for no longer did they have their forges. That is until a young shaman named Dener came upon a herd of wild horses. It began as a way for him to practice his control over elemental air. He began to bend the air around the herd to make them run faster, but soon grew tired as the effort drained him. Then he began to wonder if there was a way to make his spell more permanent without the draining effort. Thus started the practice of fusing the elements into the horses that roamed the plains.

Dener soon came to be revered for his discovery. He even became the most skilled at rune sketching , giving him a seat on the High Council of Shamans. Making him the youngest on the council of now four. 15 years passed without incident. Dener became well loved by the populace and they wanted to name him Grand Shaman, giving him reigning control over the Council, and in essence the Dwarves. Anger sparked among the other three council members.

One morning Dener did not show up for one of his lessons where he taught the young ones basic rune sketching. One young one went to check on him to make sure he was not ill. What she found was his body pinned to the ground of his hut by a spear. Outrage spread through the tent city; all of them blaming one council member or the other. Fights broke out, and more lives were lost over the tragic death of their most beloved High Shaman. After a week of shouting and fighting, they were no closer to finding out who murdered High Shaman Dener. The Dwarves splintered into three tribes; each led by one of the other High Shamans. Dakkeas leads the Stormbreath Tribe, Granor leads Earthspear Tribe, while Rutsilia leads Oakriver Tribe.

High Shaman Dener was buried in a small basin carved out of the mountain range, and the area around the burial site has been declared sacred ground, no weapons are to be drawn there.  It was named Dener Basin.

Rune Sketching is still practiced to this day, and Dwarven horses are sought by all races of the Three Regions. 55 years have passed since the death of High Shaman Dener, and the hatred amongst the tribes still fester and boil over at times. The High Shamans however are trying to bring peace among themselves and start trade agreements between the tribes. They meet every few moons next to the burial site of Dener to make treaties and trades. A small town has sprouted up in the basin. Dwarves from all three tribes reside there, in hopes that the Dwarven people can once again come together.


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