Age of Daemons

Cassian's Journal, Part 2
The Dwarven Ruins

So, here we are, exploring a pre-cataclysm dwarven city with a bunch of crazy adventureres, looking for some bandits. Lets see, there's that wizard. Merlon? I think that's his name. Then there is the drunken priest Farnam. Next is the giant guy with a big sword, Andy-something? And finally, a crazy kid with a pet moose and a pet squirrel. They call him Rock. I think it's short for "Rocks-for-Brains". Actually, I don't think he's as dumb as he sometimes comes across, maybe just naive? Apparently they were part of a larger group, but some of them left. Those were probably the smart ones. By smart, I mean wise. The wizard and the priest seem fairly well learned, but really. Where is the sense of self-preservation?

Since we think our brother was looking for this same city, and we got captured by dark-skinned elves almost as soon as we got here, Lux thought it was a good idea to combine our searches. Maybe lil' bro got caught by the bandits? Maybe he is a bandit. I don't know. Never met the kid. Heh, I still have this image of a gangly teenager in my head whenever I think of him, but if he was born 8 years after I was, that would make him what? 56? Yeah. He's an old man. One of the few perks of my cursed bloodline: I get to live with the curse for ever. Yay me.

So, let's see. We ran into the cave elves. Then the adventurers, while they were fighting some giant scorpions. Joined them. I tried to keep Lux out of harms way, but got banged up a bit. I'm kinda used to that by now. Me and the moose-and-squirrel kid figured out how to open the doors to the old dwarf ruins. Really, I think it was the kid mostly. To be fair, they had a key, so… Anyway. Got swarmed by some mutant rats. Again tried to keep Lux from getting hurt, and took a few lumps for her, but she managed to get hurt a bit anyway. I wish she wouldn't try to get right into the fray like that. I may not be willing to fight, but I can take a hit a lot better than she can. I digress. We found a looong dead dwarf and some books. Looks like he got caught inside when the city was abandoned and locked up, eventually starved to death.

While the learned ones were translating old dwarvish notebooks, I noticed some tracks in the dust. Followed them back to the entrance, and figured out that whoever it was had followed us in, and snuck right past us. The boot tread looked like the same type issued to officers in the warlord Regar's army. Don't ask me how I know that; it's too long a story. Suffice it to say that it ends with me getting an extremely close view of said tread, and a pounding headache. I managed to convince everyone to NOT follow the tracks into an ambush, so we went the opposite way.

Met a mushroom-man. Turns out, he was a real fun guy. Get it? Fungi? Nevermind. It's pretty bad when you think your own jokes are awful. But yeah. Through a combination of pantomime, and the wizard's magic, we managed to talk to this guy. I'ma call him Mikey. He seemed to really like the idea of trading, so I traded my small cooking pot and a mirror (I don't need a reminder of what I look like, but it came in the kit Lux bought me for this trip) for a cask of oil and some candles. Lux traded him for a bag of metal bits, and asked him if he'd seen our, uh, uncle. Seems like he had, and trades with him on occasion. Interesting. Also, the wizard had a painting of one of those cave elves, and showed it to Mikey. He didn't like the cave elves. Me either. After Mikey left, we found some usable canvas, some small hammers, and a bunch of nails, so I made a bag and gathered a bunch of the nails in it, and took one of the hammers. All that stuff might come in handy at some point.

Moving on, and still avoiding the corridor our invisible friend took, we found some rooms with collapsed walls. I managed to find a way to crawl through to a lower chamber. We found what looked like a temple or chapel or something. Had some more dwarven writing scrawled on the wall and some broken statues. The bookish types puzzled over that, while I scouted around some more. About the time the big guy and the moose kid forced open a door, I had managed to unlock a door to the same room at the other end. Just in time to see some small, degenerate dwarves.  They quickly readied their weapons. I felt my blood start to boil, and the backs of my forearms started aching, so I quickly shut my door, and let the others do the fighting. Merlon almost got killed, but that priest has some useful healing magic, and saved him before I had to pull him out of danger.

Afterwards, I kind of chewed Lux out for getting too close to the fight. She got mad at me for jumping into the doorway to the room to keep the dwarf-things from getting out, and that SHE was trying to keep ME from getting killed. Said I shouldn't be putting myself in danger if I wasn't going to fight back. That kind of pissed me off. I mean if she's going to jump in front of me when I jump in front of her, it kind of undoes what I just tried to accomplish. But she's right though. I really shouldn't let myself get that close to combat. It could end badly.

Cassian's Journal, Part 1
How it started

How did I get myself into this mess? Oh, yeah. That Tavern. I don’t know why I couldn’t just keep my mouth shut and leave. I guess I have death wish. Of course, the fact that I never took a swing at anyone and ended up looking like I got trampled by an ox didn’t matter to the guards, once they got a good look at me. Bastards. Then that girl Lux came along, claiming to be my sister, and payed my fines. I’m not sure I want to believe her about the sister thing, but somehow, deep down, I know in my bones she's right. Apparently, she's been looking for me for a while. I guess mom felt bad about abandoning me, and told Lux she had a brother. So Sis decides to have a family reunion. Found a survivor of the orphanage. Took that lead and managed track me down, 48 years after the incident.  That’s pretty damned impressive, actually. And now she wants me to come with her and help her find our little brother. Didn’t know I had a twin sister, let alone a little brother. But our parents apparently didn't want to raise a monster, and really, who can blame them? So they got rid of me, but kept her. Then they took a risk and tried again eight years later. That one worked out. Guess little brother lucked out and didn’t manifest any of our family bloodline. He’s pure human apparently. Lux, not so much, and me even less so. Lux passes for human without too much comment, even if she looks a little odd, but there’s a reason I wear a hood and those stupid looking dark goggles. I suppose that's why our parents didn't want to keep me.

So yeah. We came to this place, and promptly got captured by elves. What kind of self-respecting elf has gray skin and lives in a cave? Still, who am I to judge? We got away at least. I can be a pretty sneaky sonofabitch when I wan't to. Then we met up with these people. Looking for a bandit gang? Not the brightest bunch, out looking for trouble, but I think they mean well, at least.  They of course wanted to know what we were doing here. Hard to explain that we're looking for a baby brother that looks old enough to be our father. I didn’t really feel like answering the inevitable questions, so I insisted we say he's our uncle. Almost blew that one, but I don’t think anyone caught it. It’s inevitable they are eventually going to notice my eyes, but there isn’t any way around that short of Lux and I going it alone. That worked out so well before. We still probably shouldn't be traveling with these guys. It's not safe. For them. I don’t know them, but they seem like good people, if a little odd. I’d hate to be responsible for their deaths. Lux knows what happened at the orphanage. Don’t know why she thinks it’s a good idea to bring me to a dangerous place like this, and put these people in danger. Put herself, and our brother in danger too. She knows what happened back then, why I can’t fight.

But if I'm honest with myself, part of me wants to fight. I’m hoping something will happen, and I won’t have a choice, that I’ll have to give in to the darkness and drag everyone kicking and screaming with me. I guess that explains why I didn't shut up and leave at the tavern back then. See, that’s the part that scares me the most; I WANT this to happen. Again.


To the Mine

As we search for the Bandit leader we instead come across two new people that we did not expect. They say that they are brother and sister and they are looking for their uncle. This is indeed a strange place to be looking for people but then again here we are doing the exact same thing. The male, Cassian, looks to be a very sturdy person. Another person that will rush into combat I fear as I have seen so many do before. And his sister, Lux, she is very pail and has strange eyes. I have heard about this type of condition before but I have never seen it with my own eyes. There is no known ill effect of being what is called albino so I wont have to mother her to keep her healthy. Maybe as we stay in this cold I will but that is worry for another time.

 Our dumb luck. Cassian has opened a strange door with the aid of Rock and we found a Dwarf lying dead by a table. I could not discern any of the writing (Seems to be ancient dwarven) but Merlyn was able to translate the content which talked about the old war and old world. I did not ask him all about what was written, I will have to ask later. I will finish this up later, I am too tired right now.

Cold Mountain

(In the waning days of the American Civil War, a wounded soldier embarks on a perilous journey back home to Cold Mountain, North Carolina to reunite with his sweetheart.)…but for real

The long journey to take out these bandits left us fighting the mountain more than the enemies.   Damn it was cold…and bull didn't even flinch.  I was super cold and Carl and Squeex are having a great time if being a bit unprepared for the coldness.  We came across some cancer rats and finally got into the city….oh i guess we did also meet some weirdos talking about kelves which was weird….i wonder if they all tan themselves or it's paint or something. 



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