Grand Shaman of Earthspear


One of the few Dwarves who can remember before the War of gods. He was a High Priest for God Filler. After the Apocalypse he could not believe that God Filler had forsaken his loyal servant and began to doubt that his god ever had real power. When the Half-Orcs offered to teach the Dwarves the elemental ways Granor was among the first to leap at the chance, for he needed something to believe in. Why not the elements? He could touch, feel, and hear the elements. He could see the world be effected by them. Last of all, they were still there.

The Half-Orcs lessons came easy to him. He came to understand that he only had to listen to the elements to hear their beautiful song. After years of doubting his faith in a false god, he felt at peace in the power of the elements. He learned as much as he could as fast as he could until he was able to hear all the elements at once. Even then, the Earth sang to him the loudest, and of course it would he thought “I am a Dwarf after all”. It became apparent after a short time, the Half-Orcs could teach him no more and some even coming to him for guidance.

He was the first among Dwarves to be granted the High Shaman rank by the Half-Orcs. Soon after he began his own lessons, and even more Dwarves rushed to learn; for now it was a Dwarf teaching and not a Half-Orc. Under his tutelage the Dwarves as a whole started down the road of the Elements and away from the old gods.

He suggested the idea of a High Shaman Council when Dakkeas and Rutsilia were also granted the High Shaman rank. With this he hoped to rid the ideology of their old ways for good and look directly to the future. When the young Dener was awarded High Shaman for his rune sketching, Granor believed that his goal was in reach. No longer did the dwarves crave metal, but horses; something that previous eras of Dwarves only saw as beasts of burden.

When the populace began to push for the idea of a Grand Shaman, Granor was amongst the loudest protesters. Why should this he mere child lead the Dwarves into the future when Granor was the one that helped them stand back up on their feet. For his protests he was a primary suspect when Dener was found murdered in his hut.

When the chaos erupted and lives were lost over the death of Dener, Granor was the one that suggested that they split the Dwarven nation between the three remaining High Shamans. This way at least they would survive and the Dwarves would not cause their own extinction. He led away his followers and started what would later be known as the Earthspear Tribe.

Over the next half century he led his people to relative peace between the other two tribes. Under his tutelage his tribe produced 3 more High Shamans and they recreated a High Shaman Council in which Granor was declared Grand Shaman. He was the first to approach the other tribes for trade agreements and treaties. It is his hope to once again unite the Dwarven people as one, with him at the head.


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